Enter today to win a Tesla Model S Plaid and hit 60 mph in 2 seconds

There are a few records that I am astonished to have seen broken in my lifetime. The sub two-hour marathon, the two-hour climbing speed record of El Capitan in Yosemite and now, a production car going 0-60 miles per hour in 1.98 seconds. That’s exactly what the Tesla Model S Plaid did (well, at least when in some very precise, Tesla-mandated conditions), making it the fastest production car ever and the first to go sub 2 seconds for a 0-60. A car that is quicker than a Porsche 918 Spyder has got to cost a pretty penny though, right? Sure, but if you win this one from Omaze you won’t have to worry about that. And it comes with taxes and fees covered as well.

Win a Tesla Model S Plaid – Enter at Omaze

Here are the specs of the Model S Plaid per Omaze:

Max Seating: 5
Powertrain: Three Electric Motors
Drivetrain: AWD
Exterior Color: Satin White
Interior Color: Caramel von Holzhausen Banbū Leather
Horsepower: 1,020 hp
Torque: 1,050 lb-ft
Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds
Top Speed: 200 mph
Range: 396 miles
Approximate Retail Value: $259,885
Cash Alt: $194,913.75
Special features: Unplugged Performance S-APEX conversion including 19-piece pre-preg carbon fiber wide body kit, 21” UP-03 wheels, sports dynamic air suspension lowering kit, carbon ceramic brake kit; Full Self-Driving Capability; 17” infotainment screen; Yoke steering wheel; Large panoramic sunroof
All of this adds up to a good-looking, wicked-fast EV that has a retail value of $259,885.

According to Omaze, “no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes.” If you do choose to donate, $10 will get you 20 entries, while $50 will get you 500 entries and $100 will get you 1,200 entries. Donations benefit the JuJu Foundation. Per Omaze, “the JuJu Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of youth initiatives and lifting the spirits of those in need. These initiatives include; JuJu’s Great Bicycle Giveaway, which provides bicycles and locks to underserved youth around the country and in American Samoa during the holiday season; JuJu’s Children’s Music Fund, which creates greater accessibility to musical instruments and teachers to underserved youth; and the JuJu Foundation Scholarship Program, which will provide scholarships to students facing economic hardship.”

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